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Feb 11, 2020

Scania Interaxle Propshafts

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Week 7 2020 Product Spotlight - Scania Interaxle Propshafts

Scania Interaxle Propshafts (or “Bogie Propshafts”) are found on Scania tippers between the two back driven axles. It is quite common for these to fail due to the amount of stress they are under, so we quite often see these props in pretty bad shape. If you’re used to seeing Scania propshafts, you’ll know that they’re not like other truck propshafts; Scania props tend to be bolted to the vehicle by brackets on the universal joints – as opposed to a flange yoke – and these are available as a spare part.

At Firow Propshafts we offer a complete repair and remanufacture service. If you find yourself with a failed Scania Interaxle Propshaft, give us a call to find out what your options are. We have the component parts, including Scania style universal joints, Scania style interaxle propshafts and other associated parts.

Our range of Scania style Interaxle propshafts and components includes brand options to fit your budget. We stock branded European products and our own range of economy propshafts and components. To get a quote, just give us a call with your vehicle registration, VIN, OEM number or some measurements.

Common Scania interaxle style parts and shafts available from Firow Propshafts include:

OEM Number Firow Part No Description
1376171, 1543139, 1796589 P520AS-2 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
1376172, 1543140, 1796590 P520AS-4 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
1393145, 1543142, 1796591 P520AS-7 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
1543144, 1796593 P520AS-8 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
1317104, 1335262, 1377028, 1543122, 1797425, 1796580 P420AS-1 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
1377027, 1543121, 1796579 P420AS-2 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
1377025, 388190, 8725001, 369595, P420AS-3 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
1543124, 1796582 P420AS-4 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
390225, 337060, 366437, 366443, 390225, 1797425 FIR140 Scania Style Universal Joint
337059, 365901, 365913, 1797424 FIR17 Scania Style Universal Joint
1325906 EY32.2 Input Yoke, Second Diff
390237, 1528989 EY32.3 Scania Style Interaxle Propshaft
1308761 EY31.4 Input Yoke, Second Diff

Please note that brand names, original part numbers and descriptions other than “Firow” are used for reference purposes only and do not necessarily imply that the goods are of original equipment specification. E. & O. E.

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