We can modify all types of propshaft to meet your specific needs. We offer specialist advice to ensure your modified propshaft is fit for purpose.

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Propshaft Modification

Propshafts require modification for a number of reasons. If a vehicle needs lengthening or shortening, for example, then that will also require appropriate changes to the length of the propshaft. Equally, if a new engine is to be fitted to a vehicle it might also require an altered propshaft because the output flanges will be different.

No matter what the circumstances are, we will make an honest and realistic assessment of the feasibility of the alteration required. Our processes ensure that the end product is robust with all modifications done in-house using quality components from stock. All propshafts are straightened, balanced and finished to ensure that they perform to their optimum level.

We offer various options for our customers to get their propshafts to us. Propshafts can be brought to our premises, or can be collected by us if appropriate. Alternatively, they can be couriered to us and returned via courier on completion. Typically, we require two to three days for the completed modification.

Please call us to discuss your particular requirements on 01477 535960.


With over 100 years combined experience you can be assured the advice given will be precise and valuable.


As one of the largest stockholders of complete propshafts and component parts we can ensure you are operational in the shortest possible time while reducing additional shipping costs.


We offer a same day service ensuring you have minimal downtime and reduce the cost associated with replacement vehicles or plant.


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