Part of the regular work that we undertake at Firow is the reconditioning or remanufacture of propshafts.

propshaft reconditioning services

Reconditioned Propshafts

On receiving a propshaft in need of reconditioning, our first action is to assess the current condition. All joints, including the universal joint and the slip joint, are checked for excessive wear or play and will be replaced if there is any doubt about their fitness for purpose. If too many components are already damaged, such as the flange or the tube yoke (both of which are expensive to replace), we would advise the customer to buy new, as a cheaper alternative to a repair.

Once components are replaced, the propshaft is cleaned and repainted. Lastly, as with any propshaft reconditioning or modification work, we check that the shaft is straight, and re-straighten if appropriate. Straight or aligned?

We offer various options for our customers to get their propshafts to us. Propshafts can be brought to our premises, or can be collected by us if appropriate. Alternatively, they can be couriered to us and returned via courier on completion. Once we have assessed the propshaft, we will discuss the work required and the costs involved before proceeding with the reconditioning work.


With over 100 years combined experience you can be assured the advice given will be precise and valuable.


As one of the largest stockholders of complete propshafts and component parts we can ensure you are operational in the shortest possible time while reducing additional shipping costs.


We offer a same day service ensuring you have minimal downtime and reduce the cost associated with replacement vehicles or plant.


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