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Mar 6, 2020

Volkswagen Touareg Propshaft Centre Bearing

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Week 10 2020 Product Spotlight - Volkswagen Touareg Propshaft Centre Bearing

Volkswagen’s mid-size luxury SUV, the Volkswagen Touareg, has been produced since 2002 and its popularity seems to suggest it’s following the sales trend for SUVs across Europe. A third of new cars sold in Europe are now SUVs and with this trend we’ve seen an increase in the amount of propshaft failures coming from passenger/domestic vehicles. One particular part which is subject to wear and tear in these Propshafts is the Centre Support Bearing.

Most Propshaft Centre Bearings are made up of three main components: a bearing (of course), a rubber element and a metal bracket. Each component has its use which is summarized below:

  • The bearing allows the propshaft to do its job and spin.
  • The rubber element means the bearing can flex with the vehicle (for example when you hit a pothole!)
  • The metal bracket is fitted so the bearing can be bolted to the vehicle and support the propshaft.

The propshaft centre bearing on the Touareg is no different. We see plenty of these through our workshop and replacing them is no problem. If you find yourself with a failed propshaft centre bearing or if you Touareg propshaft is vibrating or making a noise, give Firow Propshafts a call with your vehicle registration. From there we can give you the option for a new touareg propshaft or quote to replace the centre bearing.

Although a propshaft centre bearing failure is common, replacing them on a Touareg requires a specialist. Give us a call for a quotation today.

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