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Although the Foden brand no longer manufactures new vehicles we still stock parts so that we are able to manufacture and repair propshafts for Foden trucks. We do, however, need to have the old unit, or good measurements, before we manufacture or repair the propshaft.

The earlier Foden propshafts were fitted with Spicer 1710 to 1810 series components. On later models, under the Paccar group of companies (who acquired Foden in 1980) the propshafts were fitted with Spicer compact series components 2040 to 2055 series.

If it is an ageing model of propshaft we can offer cheaper parts to build or repair, so there are options depending on budget or expected mileage.

Packages can also be put together for the export market, as Foden trucks can be found far afield in the world.

A 12 month warranty is offered on all brand new propshafts.

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We offer a same day service ensuring you have minimal downtime and reduce the cost associated with replacement vehicles or plant.


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