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Scania have its own series of propshafts with no crossover with other truck manufacturers. Their Universal joint design is a bracket with 2 bolts but they did introduce a flange on the larger P600 series propshafts which has a 208 mm cross serration which is still specific to Scania.

Scania use the series which includes P300, P400, P420, P500, P520 and P600. The propshaft sizes give some indication of the size of the vehicles they are fitted to with the P300 being on smaller trucks and the P600 on the larger vehicles.

The P420 and P520 are interaxle propshafts and are far more prone to failure than the main drive propshafts. A new propshaft replacement which is available from stock for collection or delivery within 24 hours.

All we require is the vehicle registration to get the information we need to repair or manufacture Scania propshafts, We do not need the original propshaft on most occasions.

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