Mercedes-Benz propshaft repair and manufacture: The Sprinter, Vito and ML SUV


Mercedes Vito propshafts

There are a large variety of propshaft wheelbase options for the Mercedes Vito: short, medium, long and extra-long. We will always recommend a genuine replacement propshaft and have a number in stock at any one time. To establish the correct propshaft, only your vehicle registration is required: our parts identification software will identify the correct propshaft for your vehicle. The genuine part offers the best long-term solution for a Mercedes Vito and comes with an eighteen-month warranty.

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Mercedes ML propshafts

The front shaft is the major point of failure on the Mercedes ML. It has a double cardan and CV joint, and it is the double cardan that fails. The rear propshaft is prone to centre bearing failures. We are able to replace both the double cardan and the centre bearing with a genuine part and this would be the best option if the vehicle will be subject to significant additional mileage. With the genuine replacement part an eighteen month warranty is applicable. Alternatively, we can repair or replace these parts with aftermarket products which still have a six month warranty and are more appropriate for the cost-conscious or vehicles with a limited expected mileage.

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter propshafts

Similar to the Mercedes Vito, the Mercedes Sprinter is available in short, medium, long and extra-long variants and there is a different propshaft set up for each and every variant. We keep a number of Sprinter propshafts in stock at our premises, and these will cover the vast majority of these variants. However, if we don’t have stock availability, we will build the propshaft for you. You’ll find that on most occasions we can offer you both genuine and aftermarket propshafts for Mercedes Sprinter.

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